My Genius Hour Project

For my latest Genius Hour Project at school I did a project on dreamsnightCreative Commons License  and why they happen. To gather more info for my research, I reached out to psychology experts on Twitter. The experts I connected with were , and . These people are all teachers, professors and experts in the field of psychology. As psychology includes the field of dreaming, these are the people most likely to know about dreaming. Once the need for information came, I used the @mention feature on Twitter to ask about any info they may have. Any articles, reports, etc. that they provided would be credible and very info heavy.                Ajith Kumar via Compfight

Unfortunately, not every person help to provide me with info. Out of the ten people on the list, one of them gave me a direct link to an article, and another linked me to another person, not on the list, that gave me a link to an article. Both of these articles were very useful in my research, but as I had also done independent research, I found that I did not need any further help.

In the future, I may again use Twitter to get connections to credible experts in their field. The two articles provided to me were by far the most scientific and accurate. Expert help on future projects would be a great thing to have.

Overall, Twitter proved to be very helpful in connecting to experts that could lead me to find highly helpful sources. Twitter could definitely prove again to be helpful in the future on projects and even independent research. Twitter is an excellent way to get connected to the info that you need.


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