The Value of A Community

Being part of a community is more than just having friends to hangout with when you are bored. It’s more than who you work with or study with at school. A community is the people who you connect with and they connect with you. 


When you are in a true community, you have someone who knows you. If you need support, you will have the support. If you need fun then you can have fun. The value of a community is that is shapes to what each person needs.

The people doing the student blog challenge have helped to make a community between students from all around the world. With a worldwide close connection between students, anything can be accomplished, anywhere!



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6 thoughts on “The Value of A Community

  1. Hello Alex, I really enjoyed reading your blog because I like the message of a good community. When you said about your community is to shape each person’s needs is very important and I definitely agree with your opinions. What’s your role in a community? Come visit my blog at Thank You!

  2. Hi, my name is Tj. This post really hit me and realize what a community really is and what it consists of. I agree that a true community consists of the thing you list. The community it a good community. We all communicate to each other and when we need each other we are there for them. Overall you blog made me realize something. If you would like to read any of my blog here is my link:

  3. Hi Alex,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you,a good comunity is more than just having friends to hang out with when you’re bored. A comunity is when we all communicate,care,play… to each other and when we need each other we are there for them.
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  4. Hello I really enjoyed your blog! I really liked that your message was very positive of community. Personally, I have never lived in a community, but I have friends that do and when I go to their house it is very fun. Well, anyway great blog! in the mean time you should try to check out my blog! have a nice day.

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