Hello world!

A little over a year ago, I broke my arm while out with my friends. My friends were speedy to get help and before I knew it, I was surrounded by paramedics. I had always thought that if I broke my arm, it would be the most painful thing I had ever experienced, but really, I barely hurts at all. You feel pain if your nerves are affected harshly and since all braking your arm does is add an extra “joint”, it doesn’t hurt. In the hospital I was under the great care of a doctor that I do not remember. I had an x – ray done and was then moved to a surgery room after so they could set my arm.

From what I have been told, the break was terrible and was the worst it could be without them cutting my arm open to fix it. The two bones in my forearm both completely snapped in half and almost came out of the skin. The doctors were amazed at how easily they set my arm and I was out in ten minutes.

According to my parents, I woke up with a gasp, startled, then blabbed on about something, one time I apparently saw my brother who was halfway across the country. I then fell back to sleep after being awake for about 30 seconds. This happened nearly twenty times they said. I wish they had video taped it but unfortunately they didn’t have anything to do it with, because I still to this day do not remember any of it. I then in my own eyes, woke up from what I thought was a thousand year sleep among a swirling gray and blue cloud.

I woke up wearing a splint, something hard and protective, yet flexible that would move while by bone was healing. It want from the base of my fingers all the way up my arm, past my elbow and ended in the middle of my upper arm. It was difficult the first few days. My arm ached and sweat and itched, and even worse, I couldn’t scratch it. God that was worse than stubbing your toe. I couldn’t sleep because of the stiff, unnatural position and my fingers, oh my fingers, it was like claustrophobia, in your fingers.

So, yeah, that was a major event that happened to me.


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